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Health & Safety Policy 
MotorAid Ltd 
Health and Safety Policy Statement - March 2014 
The Company recognises that it has a responsibility to protect the environment, it's employees and others affected by its operations, such as customers, contractors and other members of the public. In addition, it is essential in order to operate the business efficiently, that it should prevent accidents both to people and property and generally promote the wellbeing of its employees. 
The Company believes therefore that the creation and continuous improvement of a safe working environment is the aim of all concerned. It also believes that this cannot be achieved by management action alone and that the attainment of our safety aims needs the commitment and co-operation of everyone. 
The Company Health and Safety objectives are: 
1 To ensure as far as reasonably practicable the Health, Safety and Welfare of ail its employees. 
2 The prevention of accidents and damage to plant and property. 
3 To minimise any possible risk and nuisance to the environment from the Company's operations. 
4 To ensure as far as reasonably practical that work carried out by the Company is safe and without risk to health. 
5 To meet as a minimum, the legal requirement laid down by Parliament and other statutory bodies for the safety and protection of employees and the environment. 
Simon Croft, 
Date : 1st March, 2014 - Checked 
MotorAid Ltd 
Environmental Policy Statement - March 2014 
“MotorAid Ltd recognises that responsible environmental behaviour is paramount to the successful development and implementation of a responsible business strategy.” 
In line with our stated commitment to the environment we will : 
1. Comply with all relevant legal requirements and where possible exceed these. 
2. Control and minimise our environmental impacts through both the management of 'waste' and 'manufacturing processes'. 
3. Manage all environmental issues either at or as close to their source as is practically possible. 
4. Design and develop processes to have minimal adverse environmental impacts. 
5. Reduce energy and water consumption where practical. 
6. Reduce and prevent both waste and depletion of resources where practical. 
7. Promote and communicate environmental awareness among employees through induction and appropriate training programs. 
8. Review the environmental policy annually at Management Review, or more frequently if the nature or scale of the organisation changes, to ensure it remains appropriate. 
Simon Croft, Director 
Date : 17th February, 2014 - Checked 
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