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BMW E90 325i - Engine Code – N52 
Vehicle driven in with EML (Engine Management Light On) on. 
We carried out a diagnostic test and found the following faults: 
-2AAB Variable intake system 
-2A98 Crankshaft/inlet camshaft correlation 
-2A82 Vanos intake 
These faults relate to the vanos (advance/retard unit for the camshaft) not working correctly. There are two on the engine, one for the inlet camshaft and one for the exhaust camshaft. They are operated by oil pressure which is controlled by a solenoid valve (one valve for each unit) which lets the oil through to the unit. 
Given these faults there are a few causes to consider – the timing has jumped, the vanos unit is not working correctly, the solenoid valve is not working correctly or it is being starved of oil. 
After speaking to the customer on the phone, I advised that we can swap the solenoid valves to see if either the fault returns to inlet vanos (indicating a mechanical problem with the intake vanos) or swap over to the exhaust vanos (indicating a problem with the solenoid valve). 
On swapping the valves over we found a build up of carbon deposits on the valves. Attached picture No. 1 shows this, No. 3 is how clean it should be. Picture No. 2 shows inside the oil filler cap which clearly shows a build up of carbon deposits. 
Attached pictures - “Examples 1 / 2” show pictures of inside of another BMW’s cam cover. 
These carbon build ups prevent the oil from flowing through the engine, starving the engine of oil – stopping the vanos units from operating correctly. 
I expect that this is down to either lack of servicing or not having the correct/poor quality oil used. This is a perfect example of many problems that we are facing nowadays with either people not having service carried out at the correct times, or taking them into a backstreet garage or quick fit service style centre and the incorrect oil being used. It is imperative that servicing is done regularly and with the correct oil because the next step after this is engine failure, which is extremely costly. On average we are seeing 5 engine replacements per month at one garage due to this problem. 
The only permanent fix would be to strip the engine down and inspect for any other damage/oil starvation. 
Putting an engine flush through will only help to remove any free moving lumps of carbon and could make the situation worse as other lumps/deposits come free and further block the oil ways. 
"You telephoned when email didn’t work. You kept the car overnight when I could not pick it up the same day. You charged the price you quoted." from one of our customers. 
"Just like to thank you all for the great job you did on my vehicle. Extremely happy with the quality of both the work and of the approach you have on customer service!" from our Customer Mr Robertson in 2013. 
Have used MotorAid before and each time has been a very positive experience. It’s a good thing when a company does exactly what it says it will do!'' Mr Mills in June 2012 
This backs up our award for Customer services recently won ! 
2005 BMW E90 325I - A
2005 BMW E90 325I - B
2005 BMW E90 325I - C
2005 BMW E90 325I - D
Air Conditioning Systems - All you need to know ! 
Why Re-Charge your air conditioning system? 
On average your car will lose 10-15% of its refrigerant every year, this means that after 3 years your system (if not serviced) can be down by as much as 45% of its refrigerant. This means the air conditioning compressor runs for longer and reduces your MPG ! Who needs this when the price of fuel is sky rocketing. 
If you don’t service it, it’ll let you down ! 
The hot weather will come eventually and your system is guaranteed to let you down just when you’re on a long trip, on those really hot days. If the system is low on refrigerant it won’t achieve the temperatures required to sufficiently cool the interior of your car. In addition to this your air conditioning system lubricates itself by the refrigerant carrying the pag oil around as it circulates; therefore insufficient gas equals insufficient lubrication and possibly compressor failure. Compressors are the most expensive component of the air conditioning system, some can cost over £800. 
Air conditioning servicing is from £49.99 + VAT. 
Know your air con system...
Mercedes Benz petrol V6 & V8 type engine issues... 
Certain versions of the 272/273 generation v-engines have a problem with timing gear wear, that is excessive wear of the gear mounted in the center of the 'v' on the 272 this gear is used to drive a balance shaft, and on the 273 it is simply an idler gear. 
Here is our blog, pictures included, of the scenario involved to over come this issue. Unfortunately, it isnt a cheap fix, but what we have the capabiltiy, special tooling and STAR diagnostics to do a perfect job for you ! 
We can also arrange recovery for you in the U.K. 
V6 petrol engine removed and stripped, you can see the balance shaft in the upper sprocket. 
A comparison between the old shaft on the left and the new one on the right. You can see the new shaft with more protruded teeth. 
Complete balance shaft removed with worn gear. 
New camshaft and gear as pin wears causing gear to move and knock the timing out. The pin is located between the gear an the front of the camshaft, this locates the gear onto the shaft. 
Old balance shaft up close with worn gear (teeth). 
MotorAid sell industry leading car & van BOSCH batteries… 
Faulty or flat batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdown. Stop-start or short journeys don't give batteries the opportunity to recharge properly. 
There are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your car's battery, but we can also help. 
When we attend a vehicle with a flat battery, or suspected flat battery we don't just jump start the vehicle and send you on your way. MotorAid will always carry out a battery test and look for the cause of the problem first when you come in for service, or we offer this as a free of charge service “pop in” as and when you like. 
Reasons for flat batteries 
A flat battery is most commonly caused by 
a lack of use or vehicle only used for short journeys 
something has been left on (light(s) or a faulty component is draining the battery 
a fault with the vehicle's charging system 
a fault with the battery itself 
Short journeys or insufficient use of a vehicle will shorten a battery's total life. This 'under charging' results in 'sulphation' if the battery voltage is allowed to remain below 12.4 volts. Sulphation is the hardening of the lead plates within the battery and it reduces the battery's ability to accept or hold a charge. 
If you do only use your car occasionally and for short journeys it's worth investing in an intelligent charger/battery conditioner that can be left connected for long periods without risk of damage to the battery, otherwise known as a trickle charger. 
Batteries can fail for other reasons too such as, excessive vibration, over charging, corrosion and temperature (extreme heat and cold). 
How we deal with battery problems 
When we attend a vehicle with a flat battery, or suspected flat battery we don't just jump start the vehicle and send you on your way. MotorAid will always look for the cause. MotorAid will 
test the battery 
check the vehicle's charging system 
check for a vehicle fault that may be draining the battery, and 
ask what sort of use the vehicle gets 
MOTORAID breakdown & recovery vans carry the latest industry leading battery tester which uses Conductance technology to measure the health of a battery. Conductance battery testing has become the industry standard and is used by all of the major motor manufacturers. 
Battery testing 
For an accurate result a lead acid battery has to be tested in its 'rested state', i.e. before the engine has been started – once the engine has been run, voltage and resistances within the battery will change and this can affect the test result. This means the MotorAid will always start by carrying out a battery test. 
MotorAid will connect the tester to the vehicle's battery or remote jump start points and enter the battery details – type and specification – into the tester. 
The tester is pre-programmed with data which it compares with the readings from the battery on your vehicle so it can assess the condition. 
The battery tester will then display and print the results of the test. 
MotorAid will still check the charging system and check that nothing is draining the battery to ensure there are no other faults. 
The detailed test result will include one of the following statements summarising the condition of the battery. 
'Bad cell' 
A car battery is made of several separate two volt batteries – called cells – joined together. Cells cannot be replaced individually. 
The battery needs replacing as the tester has identified that the battery has a defective cell. 
'Replace battery' 
The tester has identified that the battery is no longer able to provide the required current and needs replacing. 
'Charge and retest' 
Ideally the battery should be fully bench charged and retested. 
A weak battery is slow to accept a charge, but a good battery will accept a charge more readily. If the readings with the voltmeter and amp-clamp are within specification for the vehicle the original battery test will be repeated to make sure the battery did not just fail the initial test through lack of voltage. 
'Good, recharge' 
This indicates that the battery is within specification but discharged. 
MotorAid will check the charging system, check that nothing is draining the battery and if necessary investigate further the cause of the breakdown. 
A jump start will almost certainly be required and the MotorAid will advise a full recharge as soon as practicable using a battery charger/conditioner. 
'Good battery' 
The battery is within specification and in good condition. MotorAid will check the vehicle's charging system and will then investigate the cause of the breakdown. 
Replacement batteries 
We can supply and fit a new car battery at a time and location that’s convenient for you. 
If you do need a new battery call MOTORAID for the latest prices on BOSCH batteries that can be supplied & fitted & the old one taken away for environmentally-friendly disposal. 
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