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SPECIAL OFFER 50% Off Your Air Conditioning Servicing – ONLY £49.99 + VAT 
A few years ago, air conditioning would have been seen as a luxury and probably unnecessary by motorists. Nowadays, with higher temperatures being experienced in the UK, air conditioning is an important accessory in cars and more and more motorists are choosing the comfort and control of an air conditioning system. A good quality system will last the lifetime of the vehicle and will also require regular servicing and maintenance. 
Having your air conditioning system checked and serviced regularly helps to maintain your air conditioning system to its optimum working levels, which will ultimately save costs in the long term because it will be running at its most efficient. 
Our comprehensive air conditioning service includes: 
• A complete check of your air conditioning system including temperature and leak checks 
• Regas 
• PAG oil lubrication for the air conditioning compressor 
• Dye insertion to alert you to any potential future leaks 
We can also give you a quote for the replacement of the pollen filter in your system which is an additional charge. 
Benefits of Car Air Conditioning 
• Because traffic jams are all too commonplace in the UK on roads and motorways, an air conditioning system allows drivers to stay calm and cool in very hot weather when caught in a traffic jam, and keeps out the fumes from other cars. 
• Because an air conditioning system means that your windows are closed, you won’t have noisy and windy air blowing through your windows, which allows you to speak on your handsfree phone or listen to the radio or CD much more clearly. It also keeps exterior noises and distractions to a minimum for safer driving. 
• Air conditioning also gives increased comfort to your passengers, including children who may become agitated and noisy on long journeys. 
• Air conditioning helps to keep drivers alert and awake especially on long journeys, because it keeps the air at a cool and comfortable level to help stop drowsiness. 
• Air conditioning can help to reduce air humidity in the car, which also causes drowsiness when driving. 
• Air conditioning is particularly useful to help de-mist a car and can be used in winter to quickly and effectively remove moisture from the windscreen and car windows. This is also a good safety aspect because it allows clear visibility at all times for the driver. 
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