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Customer Reviews 2011 
December 2011 
10/10 The best service we have had. Mr H, Commercials Branch. 
10/10 Francis is a top man. He's the main reason I come to MotorAid as his customer service is excellent. Mr C, Hainault Branch. 
10/10 Very helpful - will definitely use again. Mr S, Hainault Branch. 
10/10 No suggestions for improvement. Quick, polite and excellent service. Mrs F, Basildon Branch. 
10/10 First time customer as a result of personal recommendation. Service & communication was exemplary & I would not hesitate to recommend to others. Ms H, Hainault Branch. 
9.5/10 Thank you for finding fault so quickly, and putting it right! Mr F, Basildon Branch, 
10/10 Efficient and knowledgeable. Mrs O, Hainault Branch. 
9.5/10 Just want to say Francis Martin was very helpful with dealing with my car and was very polite. Mrs C, Hainault Branch. 
10/10 Better signage to entrance road. Mr M, Basildon Branch. 
10/10 I would like to use MotorAid again, and I hope they will continue to provide good service. Ms W, Basildon Branch. 
10/10 Spot on service. Good value. Tony (Basildon) is superb. Mr G, Basildon Branch. 
9/10 I have been very happy with service over the years - good value for money and like knowing you have access to car's history and previous work. Ms C, Basildon Branch. 
September 2011 
10/10 Brilliant as always and I have already recommended MotorAid to friends and family (and my boss!). Ms D, Basildon Branch. September '11 
10/10 Excellent service. Mr S, Basildon Branch. September '11 
10/10 Keep up the good work. Mrs G, Basildon Branch. September '11 
10/10 MotorAid were recommended to me by another customer. I was very pleased with the service and I will use them again. Ms B, Basildon Branch. September '11 
10/10 I am very impressed. Thanks. Mr T, Basildon Branch. September '11 
10/10 All good! Mr M, Hainault Branch. September '11 
10/10 Excellent overall service, I even got a courtesy car. Top marks from me. Mr J, Hainault Branch. September '11 
9/10 I was happy with the service, first time used and I would recommend again. Mr R, Hainault Branch. September '11 
August 2011 
10/10 Difficult to improve on perfection. Mr C, Commercials Branch. August '11 
9/10 Extremely satisfied customer. Mr H, Hainault Branch. August '11 
10/10 Over the years we have been using MotorAid and we have found you very satisfactory. Mrs J, Hainault Branch. August '11 
9.25/10 Nice honest team. Mr T, Commercials Branch. August '11 
10/10 Quick and easy, another great job by all the team. Mr R, Commercials Branch. August '11 
9/10 Very pleased with the service and value for money. Mr T, Hainault Branch. August '11 
10/10 Excellent service as always. Thank you. Mr C, Basildon Branch. August '11 
10/10 Very impressed with service, I will definitely return again in future and will recommend to others. Mr B, Hainault Branch. August '11 
10/10 I found the people working there very helpful. Mr N, Basildon Branch. August '11 
10/10 Exceptional service. Mr M, Commercials Branch. August '11 
9.5/10 Good customer service. Could customers open an account whereby they pay small amounts of money and later use it for service or any other car maintenance? Ms K, Basildon Branch. August '11 
10/10 The team are always very helpful and polite, give good detail on any works carried out, plus help out with pick ups and baby seat changes for my wife if needed. Mr S, Basildon Branch. August '11 
8.75/10 Clean car for customer on collection. Ms W, Hainault Branch. August '11 
9.5/10 Straight talking staff. Mr W, Commercials Branch. August '11 
10/10 Happy with complete service. Ms B, Basildon Branch. August '11 
10/10 All good as usual! Mr C, Basildon Branch. August '11 
10/10 Just booked the service, very helpful staff. Mr A, Basildon Branch. August '11 
June 2011 
10/10 It was like a breath of fresh air; I was met by name, the work was carried out promptly, there was no upselling or hidden extras and it was a very good first experience! Mr P, Basildon Branch. June '11 
10/10 I was particularly impressed with being told about items that didn't need to be done when it would have been easy to con me into having them done. Mr B, Hainault Branch. June '11 
10/10 The personal touch by the Director Mr S. Abbs is a great help. We do not have to worry about taking and collecting the car when service or MOT is due. A real good company. Many thanks to you all. Ms K, Basildon Branch. June '11 
8.75/10 May I suggest texting the customer when the vehicle is ready for instance, or even just updates, as I am not always able to pick up a call and texting is generally easier and more direct. Mr S, Basildon Branch. June '11 
10/10 I was very impressed. Mr K, Hainault Branch. June '11 
10/10 I'm really sad that I've now moved from South Woodford to the South coast so I'll be too far away from you to use you. But I wanted to let you know that I've always felt really well looked after, you give excellent service, if I could score you 11 out of 10 I would!!! Keep up the brilliant work - you are stars. Ms J, Hainault Branch. June '11 
10/10 I was very pleased with the way I was kept informed and contacted before any work was carried out. I will definitely use MotorAid next time the car needs work. Mr W, Hainault Branch. June '11 
10/10 Great service, all on time, nice personnel, what more could you want? Mr B, Basildon Branch. June '11 
10/10 Honesty is very rare these days. MotorAid cannot be topped for this. Mr B, Basildon Branch. June '11 
10/10 Quite simply the best service I have received anywhere for some time. Mr M, Basildon Branch. June '11 
10/10 Fantastic service. Ms T, Basildon Branch. June '11 
10/10 As usual perfect service was provided, I cannot fault anything. Ms C, Hainault Branch. June '11 
9.5/10 A great team. Mr F, Commercials Branch. June '11 
8.5/10 Excellent service. Dr G, Basildon Branch. June '11 
9.25/10 Very professional service and I have recommended to friends. Mr D, Hainault Branch. June '11 
10/10 Great service every time :-) Mr D, Basildon Branch. June '11 
9.25/10 Really helpful - from my first telephone enquiry to my collecting the car after the service and MOT. Thanks. Mr B, Basildon Branch. June '11 
February 2011 
10/10 Everyone was extremely helpful and found the cheapest and easiest solution to the problem with our A3's rear differential. If only I'd found this garage before! Mrs E, Hainault Branch. February '11 
10/10 Very good service. Mr A, Basildon Branch. February '11 
9.75/10 What more can one say to a company that are performing so well! It makes a customer feel good with the set up. Well done team. Mr H, Basildon Branch. February '11 
10/10 How do you improve something that is already brilliant? Mr C, Commercials Branch. February '11 
9/10 Good price, good service. Ms P, Basildon Branch. February '11 
10/10 Much prefer Hainault, lovely gentlemen, very helpful! Ms L, Hainault Branch. February '11 
10/10 Keep doing what you are doing! Mr W, Basildon Branch. February '11 
10/10 It is an absolute pleasure to deal with a garage where nothing is too much trouble and everything is explained in a manner that is understandable. Good value is a bonus!! Mr F, Basildon Branch. February '11 
9/10 Very good as usual. Mr W, Basildon Branch. February '11 
January 2011 
9.5/10 After using ***** MotorAid is a revelation in customer services! Mr N, Basildon Branch. January '11 
10/10 Excellent all round! We will certainly be back. Thank you. Ms J, Basildon Branch. January '11 
10/10 I was very impressed with the professional knowledge and courtesy of staff. Mr B, Hainault Branch. January '11 
10/10 I found the staff, as always, helpful, obliging, polite and professional. Mr K, Hainault Branch. January '11 
10/10 Owen is a credit to MotorAid, as is Francis on previous visits. Mr J, Hainault Branch. January '11 
10/10 We have told two other friends in the last six months and they were over the moon too. Mr M, Basildon Branch. January '11 
10/10 Excellent service as always. Mr G, Hainault Branch. January '11 
9/10 No problems, I was very impressed! Mr M, Basildon Branch. January '11 
9/10 MotorAid saw some work which could affordably be repaired. This was costed up and I was called with the information. This was agreed and much appreciated. Mr E, Basildon Branch. January '11. 
November 2011 
10/10 I always recommend friends and family to MotorAid. They have quality service and expertise for a good price. I've been coming to MotorAid since 2005 and have never won a prize but I still love MotorAid. Mr C, Hainault Branch. November '11 
10/10 Always like the way the car is respected (interior wise). No one likes a greasy steering wheel! Mr H, Basildon Branch. November '11 
10/10 I always suggest MotorAid to friends and family. Mr R, Basildon Branch. November '11 
10/10 Having only considered main dealer servicing for my Mercedes to this point, I was dubious when a friend suggested MotorAid. I have been very pleasantly surprised with quality of service and customer care. I will definitely be back. Mr L, Basildon Branch. November '11 
10/10 Superb service as always! Mrs P, Basildon Branch. November '11 
10/10 Always give a good service. Mr M, Commercials Branch. November '11 
9/10 Excellent, as always, thank you. No hesitation in recommending. Ms M, Hainault Branch. November '11 
10/10 I would not come back again and again if not highly satisfied with the efficiency and friendliness of the staff. Mrs K, Hainault Branch. November '11 
8.75/10 Good job, please keep it up. The drop off and pick up from the station was particularly helpful. Mr A, Hainault Branch. November '11 
10/10 Super as usual! I won't go anywhere else. Ms W, Hainault Branch. November '11 
10/10 First class service as usual. Mr D, Basildon Branch. November '11 
October 2011 
9/10 Keep up the good work. Your team are honest and trustworthy, which is rare in the motor industry. Mr F, Hainault Branch. October '11 
10/10 Great service - helpful and courteous. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Ms T, Commercials Branch. October '11 
10/10 How can you improve on something that is first class?! Mr C, Commercials Branch. October '11 
9.5/10 MotorAid are very helpful. Being given a courtesy car at short notice saved me much inconvenience. All of their efforts are much appreciated. Ms M, Hainault Branch. October '11 
10/10 Very happy with service and price, will definitely be back! Steve is a very helpful member of staff. Mr M, Hainault Branch. October '11 
10/10 Best garage and customer services team I have ever used. Ms M, Basildon Branch. October '11 
10/10 Very professional, polite and informative. It's nice to have an honest car garage to rely on! Worth every penny. Mr S, Hainault Branch. October '11 
10/10 Excellent service as always. Mr L, Hainault Branch. October '11 
10/10 I'm a loyal customer and feel that there is no need for improvement as everything is of high standards. Mr P, Hainault Branch. October '11 
10/10 I have now used MotorAid several times and I think the service levels are first class! Mr A. Basildon Branch. October '11 
9/10 Newspapers in waiting area. Mr G, Basildon Branch. October '11 
10/10 Top Marks. Mr S, Basildon Branch. October '11 
10/10 All good. Mr H, Hainault Branch. October '11 
9.75/10 Very polite team. Ms G, Basildon Branch. October '11 
10/10 Excellent service as usual and I was kept fully informed of progress. Mr H, Basildon Branch. October '11 
10/10 I must say you have some very good quality staff, my car came out as smooth as a cake. Most of the time I dealt with Francis. I will definitely get them customers as I have a lot of dissatisfied clients. Mr S, Hainault Cars. October '11 
July 2011 
10/10 They live to their motto and provide exceptional service and advice...even after you have left the workshop. The customer experience exceeded my expectations by some way and I would recommend them to anyone! Mr D, Hainault Branch. July '11 
10/10 Very helpful and friendly. Thanks! Ms V, Commercials Branch. July '11 
10/10 The customer service I always get, especially from Francis and Jim, has always been excellent. No complaints at all and I have advised friends. Mr G, Hainault Branch. July '11 
10/10 Dear MotorAid team, Just to say thank you! for looking after my 2 cars. As far as I'm concerned you have achieved your vision of being the motor industries most respected independent specialist in the UK. Ms J, Hainault Branch. July '11 
10/10 I would like to thank everyone in your team who helped me today with fixing my van, an excellent service and I will pass your good name onto other hauliers, friends and family. Mr B, Commercials Branch. July '11 
May 2011 
9.75/10 What can be said to improve a service which is excellent? Do not look back but go forward. Mr H, Basildon Branch. May '11 
10/10 My problem with tickover and lack of power was dealt with promptly and with good grace by Jason Brett and his team. Thank you. Mr O, Basildon Branch. May '11 
10/10 Excellent service with a smile. Mr P, Hainault Branch. May '11 
10/10 Very good reception desk response and knowledge. Mr P, Hainault Branch. May '11 
10/10 Spot on. First class service. Mr M, Basildon Branch. May '11. 
April 2011 
10/10 As a customer for many years I appreciate the courteous and helpful team and have every faith in the work done. Mr S, Basildon Branch. April '11 
10/10 Once again, excellent service. Thank you. Mr W, Basildon Branch. April '11 
10/10 The addition of the TV in the waiting room helps pass the time. As always the service and standard of work is excellent. Mr S, Basildon Branch. April '11 
10/10 Great communication, no hassle. Mr B, Basildon Branch. April '11 
9.75/10 Staff are polite, friendly and very helpful. The quality of work seems good. 5* Mr P, Basildon Branch. April '11 
10/10 I found the staff extremely helpful, it was a pleasure to go to a garage that showed old fashion courtesy and respect. I have already recommended MotorAid to someone else. Mr G, Basildon Branch. April '11 
10/10 Great waiting area - TV , coffee, I spent the day! I can't wait for my next service! Mr M, Basildon Branch. April '11 
10/10 Nice to have trust in the garage where your car goes. The staff were very honest and the price was good. Mr S, Basildon Branch. April '11 
9.25/10 Open on Saturdays? Mr W, Basildon Branch. April '11 
9.25/10 Very good quality service, helpful and friendly staff. Mr W, Hainault Branch. April '11 
9.25/10 Valet the car before being picked up? Mr U, Hainault Branch. April '11 
10/10 All staff were very helpful and I was advised and shown additional work required. Mr G, Hainault Branch. April '11 
10/10 Best garage customer service experience I have ever encountered. Anyone would think you was trying to sell me a new car. Very clean environment and Owen and other reception staff very friendly. Mr I, Hainault Branch. April '11 
10/10 An excellent service as usual from both Steve, Francis and engineers. Just what I have come to expect. Mr L, Hainault Branch. April '11 
10/10 Ability to refer back to previous work is very helpful, you know my car! Mr C, Basildon Branch. April '11 
10/10 Very good service. Many thanks. Mr D, Commercials Branch. April '11 
March 2011 
10/10 After a very bad and costly experience with a local garage MotorAid were recommended to me. I have found they give exceptional service, always helpful, polite and courteous and they go the extra mile. I would highly recommend to anyone, they are a pleasure to deal with and I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. Miss P, Hainault Branch. March '11 
10/10 The company was so professional and very helpful in all aspects. Everything was explained very well and the level of service carried out was excellent. I would recommend this company to anyone. Many Thanks. Mr H, Basildon Branch. March '11 
10/10 The noise that the main dealer had mentioned when I had the service done was getting worse so I got a quote from my local independent (MotorAid) for a new pump which I was going to get done. However, they said to come in first so that they could listen to it. A quick listen followed by checking and topping up the power steering fluid and guess what - no noise and even better, no charge. So well done MotorAid in Basildon. They will be seeing my money next time I need something done rather than a main dealer. Well done all great service. Mr B, Basildon Branch. March '11 
10/10 Just carry on doing a good job. Mr D, Basildon Branch. March '11 
10/10 I always feel well looked after and it's good to know MotorAid are also trying to look after my costs by keeping them down. Ms J, Hainault Branch. March '11 
10/10 Absolutely delighted with the service on our Mercedes. Ms C, Hainault Branch. March '11 
10/10 Excellent service, very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Attention to detail. Genuinely a nice experience. Mr P, Basildon Branch. March '11 
10/10 The staff are always polite and helpful. Mr S, Basildon Branch. March '11 
10/10 Great service every time. Mr J, Basildon Branch. March '11 
9.25/10 I was very impressed with the service and pricing, I will definitely be coming back. Mr R, Hainault Branch. March '11 
10/10 First time customer - I was very impressed and I will use MotorAid again. Mr M, Basildon Branch. March '11 
9/10 The ability to pick up and drop off clients is a key selling point. Mr A, Basildon Branch. March '11 
9.25/10 Always helpful, whatever! Mr M, Basildon Branch. March '11 
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